Phantom MIRO LC320S

Is there any difference in battery life between the M and LC-Series cameras?
The LCD screen on the side of the camera uses slightly more power, therefore battery life is slightly diminished. A BPU-30 battery provides about 45 minutes of battery life, where the BPU-60 provides about 90 minutes.
What does the OFF / AUTO / ON switch do on Miro M & LC cameras?
In the ON position, the camera will boot up with a battery connected and/or an external power supply connected to the camera's DC input. When using a power supply, the battery acts as a battery backup. Note: the battery does not charge when installed in the camera.

In the AUTO position, the camera will only power up when voltage is first applied to the DC input of the camera. A battery can be installed without the camera booting up. This is useful for when a user intends to power up the camera remotely, and maintain the battery backup feature.

In the OFF position, the camera is off.