Phantom HD GOLD

I've seen several resolution specs on the Phantom HD. I'm confused. What is the true resolution?
The Phantom HD sensor is a 2048 x 2048 pixel sensor -- a full 4 megapixels. You can set the camera to record at any resolution within these maximums.

If you order your Phantom HD with an F-mount lens mount, you can image onto the whole 2048 x 2048 sensor successfully.

However, with the standard PL-mount, the maximum imaging resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels.

The most popular imaging resolution is HD (1920 x 1080), however the 2048 x 2048 sensor allows you to over sample some, if you choose. Or, you can shoot at 2K resolutions for digital cinema.

Does the Phantom HD and Phantom 65 have Continuously Adjustable Resolution (CAR) like the v-Series Phantom cameras?
Yes. But it works very differently from the Phantom v-Series cameras you may be used to.

Changes to the horizontal resolution have no impact on recording speed on the Phantom 65 and Phantom HD. It will impact the saved (not cine) file size, but not recording speed.

Changes to the vertical resolution (in 8 pixel units) on both cameras will impact recording speed.

How does a Phantom HD Gold differ from the first generation Phantom HD camera?
The Phantom HD Gold is our second-generation Phantom HD high speed camera and the new standard for HD digital high-speed image quality. While the specs of the camera do not change, there have been many improvements implemented based on feedback from existing Phantom users. This slow motion video camera maintains a solid black level and is the ultimate in color and image quality.