CineMag / CineStation

Digital high-speed imaging is memory hungry!

Shoot 1000 frames-per-second with the Phantom HD at 1920 x 1080 and 14-bits-per-pixel and you will need 3.6 GB of memory for each second of recording! A 4-second recording can take up to 15 minutes to download via standard GB Ethernet. That's 15 minutes better used for taking your next shot.

Vision Research engineers understood this challenge and changed the Phantom HD and Phantom 65’s workflow forever by introducing the Phantom CineMag in 2008.

If you need higher speeds, record into camera RAM and “upload" the recording to a CineMag in seconds. The CineMag eliminates camera down time while saving your cines from volatile memory.

Once saved in the CineMag, your data is secure and you can move on to your next shot/experiment almost immediately. For the first time users now have a safe, secure, and portable storage for cine files. The Phantom CineMag also enables long record times for events that would normally exhaust built-in memory.

Use the Phantom CineStation connected to a PC and keep your camera free for doing its job – shooting high-speed scenes. The CineStation supports both raw digital and video workflows by providing a fast file download capability, as well as the ability to play the cine files stored on the CineMag over dual HD-SDI video outputs or component video.

The Phantom CineStation streamlines workflow by allowing CineMags to be viewed, trimmed, played over video, and saved to hard disk using an offline docking station rather than the valuable Phantom camera asset.The Phantom CineStation is a simple setup that connects to a PC using Gb Ethernet. Users simply snap in a CineMag to the CineStation and use the supplied software to view each Cine stored on the CineMag, play the Cine files over the dual HD-SDI ports or component video ports, set in- and out-points to trim the Cines, and save the files to a connected hard disk drive.

To help speed the download process even further, an optional 10 Gb Ethernet connection is available.The Phantom CineStation comes with dual HD-SDI outputs allowing for 4:4:4 playback of the recorded Cine files at all HD formats (except 60p which is 4:2:2), making it easy to review and select shots to download and archive. Component video is also supported.

Phantom CineMags and CineStations--your workflow solution for high-speed imaging.