Phantom 65

Our Phantom digital cinema cameras aren't just about replacing film or video with some new technology, they're about creating a new way of seeing time.

The Phantom 65 lets you experience control over your shot in ways that you have never experienced in the past. With the Phantom 65, the 65 mm cine frame now exists in digital format. Exposure time is no longer dependant on the camera's frame rate or limited to a few shutter openings.

The Phantom 65 lets you set the exposure time in increments of one microsecond. Apply shortened exposure times to achieve the look of a hard edge street video, or lengthened exposure times until you've captured the indefinable, unmistakable feel of film.

Unlike film production, the Phantom 65 provides an immediate view of the last take allowing you to determine if a scene requires a re-shoot while the lighting, crew, and talent are still set, ready, and the mood is still fresh.

The Phantom 65 has 8GB of internal memory standard, 16GB and 32GB are available. But this is just the start of methods we provide to store your work. Take advantage of the hot-swappable non-volatile solid state recorders -- our Phantom CineMags. These low profile modules mount snugly to the top of the camera body and store 128, 256 or 512 GB each.

Digital imaging provides for multiple triggering and recording modes that can be tailored specifically for your application. Advanced camera setup and image file downloads using a common Gigabit Ethernet connection are accomplished using a PC and the Phantom software. Image files can easily be converted to TIFF stacks, DNG, DPX, or MOV formats using the included software package.