1.1kW HiG onboard (LED)

In the world of high-speed image capture, where critical details make all difference, we have utilized our proprietary technology to build the best onboard lighting system possible and provide a single, flexible solution.

Used in onboard testing applications, this compact, high-impact light provides brilliant results.


  • Impact durability to 500G
  • Up to 2400 watts in remarkably small fixtures
  • Consistent 5000 Kelvin daylight color
  • Flicker-free to 1,000,000 fps

Available in 600 Watt, 800 Watt, 1,000 Watt Sunblast, and the 1.1 kW.

With more than 20 years of innovative, award winning lighting solutions for motion picture, television, theatre, concerts and major sporting events, Luminys can improve your high-speed photographic results.

EXTRAORDINARY COLOR AND RENDERING – Built around our proprietary Enhanced Spectrum Long Arc lamps, SoftSunsTM color spectrum is smooth and even with none of the annoying color spikes or gaps associated with HMI or limited spectrum of Tungsten lamps. ESL lamps provide a CRI of 96 or better and feature a 5400ºK color temperature that doesn't vary from one lamp to another or with age.