Utilizing the latest technology, the DEB400DT-1000 electronic flicker free ballast was designed to power the dedolight DLH400DT, the dedoPAR and the dedolight DLH400SDT and DLHPA7x2DT soft lights.

Light weight yet rugged, small yet powerful with every conceivable feature you would want.

The DEB400DT-1000 works at 1000 c/s frequency.
It needs 5 seconds to speed-up from 140 to 1000 c/s after ignition.

  • Boost position for added light output (575 W)
  • Dimming by 40% max.
  • Active power factor correction
  • Over voltage, overload, overheat and short circuit protection
  • Automatic input voltage adjustment from 90-–264 VAC

EXTRAORDINARY COLOR AND RENDERING – Built around our proprietary Enhanced Spectrum Long Arc lamps, SoftSunsTM color spectrum is smooth and even with none of the annoying color spikes or gaps associated with HMI or limited spectrum of Tungsten lamps. ESL lamps provide a CRI of 96 or better and feature a 5400ºK color temperature that doesn't vary from one lamp to another or with age.